A revolution in corporate finance and retail investing

Welcome to the Angel Equity Group – a collection of new and unique platforms designed to match Angel Capital with Impact investment opportunities.

Our platforms are designed to meet the demands of a new generation of angel investors, facilitating an ongoing conversation with management teams of unique and exciting companies.

Harnessing Angel Capital to accelerate growth.

The Angel Group takes retail investment to another level. Unlike crowdfunding we actively manage all our members investments like your own private equity company ensuring that your hard earned money is managed responsibly and effectively. Our aim is to protect our investors capital in a high risk but high gains environment. 

We have launched complex e-platforms and purpose built eco-systems to enable and support the growth of new investment communities where private angel investors can access investment opportunities they would otherwise not be invited to. On the other side of the coin management teams can tap into a well of experience, collective wisdom and financial power.

Explore the future of finance.

Explore our platforms to find out which financial universe works for you.

Angel EQT
AngelEQT.com – is the world’s first funding platform where communities of private angel investors can access unique and curated investment opportunities.
Angel Business Club (Lux)
In ABC – Europe’s largest community of business angels – you can uncover the secrets of private investments and participate in tailored investment opportunities. The club has played an integral part in delivering two IPO’s to the benefit of its members.
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